Specification Test Method Result
Water Absorption ASTM C97 ≤ 0.03 %
Density ASTM C97 2.2 - 2.4 gr/cm3
Flexural Strength ASTM C880 6,200 - 11,000 psi; 42.7 - 75.8 Mpa
Dimension Stability EN 14617-12 Class A
Electrical Stability EN 14617-13 Volume resistance (Rv) = 0.9 x 1014 Ω
    Volume resistivity (pv) = 4.9 x 1014 Ωm
Impact Resistance ASTM D1709 27 lbs (122 N)
Compressive Strength ASTM C170 22,000 - 28,000 psi
Abrasion ASTM C1243 Volume of chord: V= 89 - 194 mm3
Freeze - Thaw Resistance ASTM C1026 No defects after 15 freeze-thaw cycles
Mohs Hardness Scale EN 101 6.0 - 7.0
Microbial Resistance ASTM D6329-98 (2003) Ranking 3: Resistant to Mold Growth
Resistance to Chemical Acids ASTM C560 Not affected
Slip Resistance at Honed 400 DIN 51130 R9 - R10
Determination of resistance to immersion in boiling water AS 2924.2-7: 1998 Effect on surface (rating): 5 (no visible change)
  (Equiv. to ISO 4586.2-7: 1997)  
Determination of resistance to dry heat AS 2924.2-8: 1998 Effect on surface (rating): 5 (no visible change)
  (Equiv. to ISO 4586.2-8: 1997)  
Determination of resistance to staining (Procedure A) AS 2924.2-15: 1998 Effect on surface (rating): 5 (no visible change)
  (Equiv. to ISO 4568.2-15: 1997)  
Determination of resistance to thermal shock AS 2924.2-9: 1998 Specimens showing defects: None
  (Equiv. to ISO 10545-9: 1994)  



  Quartz Granite Laminate Solid Surface
Scratch Resistant Excellent Excellent Good Fair
Stain Resistant Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
Chip and Crack Resistant Excellent Good Good Excellent
Heat and Burn Resistant Good Good Good Good
Resistant to Household Chemicals, Acids and Solvents Excellent Good Good Excellent
Low Maintenance Excellent Good Good Fair
Non-absorbent and Non-porous Excellent Good Good Excellent
Mold and Mildew Resistant Excellent Good Good Good
Flexural Strength Excellent Fair Good Good
Color Consistency Excellent Fair Excellent Excellent
Immunity to Freeze and Thaw Excellent Excellent Fair Fair